• Five Ways to Connect With Us on Social Media! 

    To reach individuals through social networking Forsyth County Schools created a public page on Facebook in 2009. Facebook is free to users once an account is created. To receive FCS updates on your wall you must "like" the district's page. Please note that Facebook pages may contain commercial advertising that is not endorsed by FCS.
    FCS was one of the first school districts in the nation to reach stakeholders by tweeting. Twitter users who choose to follow the district will receive updates or tweets on their Twitter home page. 
    3. Instagram: ForsythCoSchoolsGA
    4. LinkedIn: Forsyth County Schools (Georgia)
    5. YouTube - Forsyth County Schools (Georgia)
  • Facebook
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  • Twitter
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  • NOTE: Fake social media accounts with school and/or the district names and logos violate copyright laws but unfortunately are common. FCS' official accounts have been in existence for many years and therefore have a long list of tweets and followers, while fake accounts have significantly fewer tweets and followers. When checking social media for information, such as school closings or delays, please use two sources, such as the district website.


    The use of the Forsyth County Schools or FCS name or logo, and school name or logo for social media sites/usage must be cleared through the Public Information and Communications Department. District departments/offices must use the district social sites in lieu of creating their own sites.

    Current FCS hashtags include:

    #DriveForsyth: Transportation Department 

    #FamilyForsyth: Human Resources Department

    #FCSBond: for FCS Bond projects
    #FCSCelebrate: for the annual Celebration of Excellence
    #FCSCollegeCareer: College and Career Development Office 
    #FCSCafe: Food and Nutrition Department 
    #FCSDuck: Duck Dive for Education 
    #FCSEdFoundation: Forsyth County Education Foundation
    #FCSEmployeeoftheMonth: for Employee of the Month recognition at BOE meetings 
    #FCSGrad: for high school graduations
    #FCSInduction: for new teachers
    #FCSITS: for ITS (Instructional Technology Specialists)
    #FCSLead: for leaders/overall district #
    #FCSNEO: New Educator Orientation (NEO)
    #FCSPIE: Partners in Education
    #FCSPrincipal4Day: Principal for a Day program
    #FCSSuperiorSpotlight: BOE Superior Spotlights
    #FCSTeacherTuesday: for spotlighting school-level Teachers of the Year 
    #FCSTechnology: Technology and Information Services Department  
    #FCSTOTY: Teacher of the Year
    #ForsythESOL: ESOL (English Learners)
    #ForsythELA: English Language Arts  
    #ForsythFineArts: Fine Arts 
    #ForsythLiteracy: K-12 Literacy initiative 
    #ForsythSalute: Military and veterans
    #ForsythScience: Science
    #ForsythSpellingBee: Spelling Bee
    #ForsythSPLOST: Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST)
    #ForsythTeacherAcademy: for the nontraditional route to certification program
    #ForsythTandL: Teaching and Learning Department
    #ForsythTLE: for the teacher leader endorsement
    #ForsythWL: World Languages
    #FoundationFriYAY: FC Education Foundation grant days

    Contact: Kamie Avery