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    In March of 2022, Forsyth County Schools adopted Canvas, a learning management system, to replace itslearning. Starting this school year, all teachers and students will use Canvas on a daily basis. Similar to itslearning, your child will access Canvas on his/her ClassLink dashboard to access courses, instructional materials, assignments, and important dates at anytime.

    Student accounts will be active in Canvas beginning July 31, 2023. Observer (Parent) accounts can be created at that time using the directions below. Please note that 2023-2024 courses will not be available in Canvas until August 2, 2023.

    Please visit the links below once student accounts are active for quick guides on how to create an Observer account in Canvas. First, create your account and then install the app on your mobile device (if desired). Additionally, there is a full Canvas Course that parents can review for a complete overview of the Parent/Observer role in Canvas.

    Logging into Canvas

    Students will log into ClassLink and launch Canvas. Click the following link for a short video tour of the student Canvas interface

    Parents/guardians are considered Observers in Canvas. Observer accounts can be connected to a single student or multiple students. Observers can view course content, assignments, due dates, and events, but are not able to participate in a course. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who do I contact for support?

    How can my child access support for Canvas?

    How do I view my student's grades?

    How do I adjust my Canvas notifications?

Last Modified on December 7, 2023