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    FCS is a reporter-friendly school system and welcomes the opportunity to work with members of the media and our staff to increase awareness and build support for public education in Forsyth County. Media inquiries and staff/student interview requests should be directed to Jennifer Caracciolo at 770.887.2461 ext. 203363. 

    With the permission of the school principal/designee, FCS staff may contact the following local media directly:
    Reporter: Shelby Israel
    Title Manager: Julie Brennan
    Reporter: John Thompson
    FCS Staff: Newspaper photographers are not available to take pictures of school check presentations or school awards ceremonies. Please email your information to the reporter; articles should be less than 300 words, photographs should be attachments not pasted into emails, and all photographed need to be identified and have publicity consent.
    District departments should contact Jennifer Caracciolo for media coverage. Additionally, all staff should contact Jennifer Caracciolo for Atlanta or national media coverage.