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    Forsyth County Schools is entering a new era in the use of classroom technologies. For many years we weeded out all the extras and focused our efforts on growing a standard set of hardware and software. Through this effort, our students and teachers were able to expand learning in powerful and important ways.  More recently, Forsyth has implemented a Bring Your Own Technology Program (BYOT). New thinking is springing up, not just about the tools students to use, but about the way Technology Services provides support in all areas. We have seen the benefits of allowing students to choose tools to direct their own learning.
    There are two guiding principles for classroom technologies that drive the work of Technology Services. District efforts are focused on employing Grappling's Spectrum of Technology Uses.  Of the three levels of the spectrum, Forsyth County Schools is increasing the transformational use of classroom technology, which is where students are information producers, not consumers and where students to go beyond existing information. The second is a focus on the 4 C's of Transformational Learning including Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking.
    To support the school system's technology initiatives, Instructional Technology Specialists are assigned to each school to work with teachers to model teaching and learning strategies for technology integration.
    Teachers participate in on-going professional development to experiment, initiate, and create new models of teaching and learning for dynamic and changing curricula.
    Teachers throughout the district can now share resources, activities, and assessments through an online repository of digital learning objects. The bottom line teachers are designing higher quality work for students, and we are achieving greater student engagement and improved scholastic performance.