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    The Principal for a Day program is coordinated in partnership with the Cumming- Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce.  Participation in the program is open to Chamber Board members and their businesses. 
    For more information, please contact Hannah Samples.
    2016 Highlights

    FCS was thrilled to have "principals for a day" for all of Forsyth County's traditional schools for 2016, the fifth year of the program! These business and community leaders spent one day working alongside a Forsyth County Schools principal and will never look at the principal's job (or maybe their own!) in quite the same way. They experienced amazing leaders, outstanding teachers, eager students, precious faces...the sights and sounds of quality teaching and learning...a chance to walk in the shoes of one of the most important jobs in America.

    Quotes from Participants

    “I can not thank you enough for spending so much time sharing South Forsyth High School with me. I had very high expectations going in and must say I was ‘WOW’ed. You are so right when you talk about talented staff and students. I was so impressed by the demeanor and respect from the students and the talents of the staff. I truly wish I could come back to high school to take some of the classes, esp. Latin – I am so jealous of those students that have that opportunity today. I know you had many priorities that day and really appreciate the time you spent with me!” - Linda Cole

    “I was very impressed with South Forsyth Middle School staff and students, but most impressed with Sandy Tinsley and her leadership. We had encountered many different situations/meetings and addressing questions that day, but Sandy`s leadership was second to none in handling each and all events (small to large). There is no doubt that it does a require very special people to teach students in today `s environment.” - Bob Russell

    “I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your hospitality this past Friday. You and the staff made the experience a most enjoyable one. The day went above and beyond my expectations. It was very interesting and gave me insight into several areas of school activity that I had not fully understood. It was amazing how fast the day went. I know you probably had a hundred other things to do on Friday but I appreciate you taking the time to allow me to participate in this session.”- Robert Funk