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    We are M & W Legal Assistance, LLC, a local company that provides assistance when preparing legal documents and navigating Georgia's legal system. We have over thirty years experience working with law firms, businesses, and organizations throughout the metro Atlanta area. With today's economy, we understand the financial constraints people are experiencing, but we believe that should not equate to an inability to protect one's self and one's assets.

    That is why we would like to offer you the opportunity to have Wills, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives, Living Wills, and any other legal documents you may need prepared specifically for you at a greatly reduced cost. We understand that most people are on a fixed income and are unable to afford the services of a private attorney for these needs or they simply do not know how to go about finding an attorney to assist them. The fact is that an attorney is not necessary for these processes in Georgia. We not only have the qualifications and experience to offer superior services to your employees for these matters, but we have a personal interest in seeing that these needs are met for our friends and neighbors.

    Our service is personalized, hassle-free, and an excellent value for your money. The way we work is simple and straightforward. We come to you and conduct a 15 minute presentation about our company and our services. We are available to answer any questions about our products. If anyone in the group wishes to have us do work for them, we will either meet with them privately at that time or arrange a time more convenient for them. Since we prepare very individualized Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc., it is necessary that we speak privately with each person interested. These are delicate matters, and we want to be sure everyone is comfortable speaking about such personal topics. Once the documents have been prepared, we will arrange another meeting to conduct the proper execution of the legal papers.


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    Your Group Legal and ID Theft services. Please contact your agent Martha for assistance.

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