Welcome to Forsyth Central's Counseling Department! 


    Andrea Katz

    Lead Counselor

    Caseload: Ramo-We


    770-887-8151 x 111048


    Erica Thomas

    Erica Thomas

    Caseload: A-Coleman; Wha-Z


    770-887-8151 x 111043 

    Jennifer Yoo

    Jennifer Yoo

    Caseload: Coley-Gi; ESOL Students


    770-887-8151 x 111045


    Jennifer Rotunda

    Caseload: Glo-Mac  


    770-887-8151 x 111041  


    Leslie Flath

    Caseload: Mad-Ramk  


    770-887-8151 x 111042

    Darlene Turk

    Counseling Secretary  


    770-887-8151 x 111044


  • The mission of the Forsyth Central High School Counseling Program is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmental counseling program that impacts each student in the academic, career, and personal/social aspects. As advocates, school counselors will help students develop skills to be proactive in their education and accept academic challenges by emphasizing problem solving skills, goal setting, and ownership of their own success. We will educate and encourage students to use these skills in order to make a positive impact within our ever-changing global society. In accordance with the Forsyth County Board of Education, FCHS is in the process of implementing the guidance and counseling model as outlined by the American School Counseling Association.