• Mr Lambert
    Mr. LambertMr. Clarence Lambert was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and was a 1937 graduate of Tallapoosa High School. He then attended West Georgia College for two years prior to serving 42 months in the Air Corps during World War II.
    After the war was over, Mr. Lambert graduated from the University of Verdana with a bachelor's degree in vocational agriculture. He then graduated in 1952 from the Alabama Polytechnic Institute with a masters' degree in school administration. Mr. Lambert's dedication to education began early in his life when he was undeterred by financial constraints to attend college. "His father sold a cow and gave him $7.50 toward the cost of tuition and I think he borrowed $120 from his grandfather," explained Mr. Lambert's daughter, Cheryl Lambert Weinmeister. "Of course", she added, "that wasn't enough, so he also did lawn work at the college while he was there."
    Mr. Lambert began this career as a classroom teacher at Glenlock Elementary School and a vocational agriculture teacher in Heard County before becoming the Principal of Centralhatchee High School in 1950. In 1952, Mr. Lambert worked as the Principal of Duluth High and Elementary Schools prior to coming to Forsyth County as the first Principal of the current Forsyth Central High School in 1955.
    While in Forsyth County, Mr. Lambert became very well known for his passion for students and education. "He was just a wonderful, kind and caring man," said a former student. "Education was always important to him - especially public schools" explains Mrs. Weinmeister. Further, "He especially loved the schools in Forsyth County. His students always came first." Mrs. Paula Gault, former Superintendent of Forsyth County Schools said, "He encouraged us to start the club [Future Teachers of America Club]. He was a wonderful leader and role model for me and all of his students."
    After leaving the Forsyth County School System in 1972, Mr. Lambert accepted a job with the Georgia Department of Education as a program coordinator. In 1982, he returned to Forsyth County as part-time Assistant Superintendent in charge of facilities. Finally, Mr. Lambert served as the Interim Superintendent of Forsyth County Schools from August 1 until December 31, 1988.
    A high point in the career of Mr. Lambert came in 1987 when he was named by the Georgia School Superintendents, the University of Georgia and the Georgia Education Leadership Academy as one of the top six educators from the Georgia Department of Education.
    Cheryl Weinmeister hopes her father will now be an inspiration for the other students who will now attend the Lambert High School. "I consider it a tremendous honor to carry on the legacy of such an outstanding man and educator," says Lambert's first Principal Dr. Gary Davison. "I am humbled by the dedication, integrity, and commitment that Mr. Lambert showed to children, the community and family. I hope that the school community we build will serve to suitably honor his legacy."