LonghornsVisual Arts

    Art Education at Lambert High School integrates the study of art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art production. As a subject in our school, art education is based on the belief that looking at, talking about, and making art are processes essential to the well-educated student. The study of art provides major opportunities to nourish high level thinking. Skills associated with artistic thinking include the ability to see clearly, analyze, reflect, make judgments, forge connections among ideas and information, and generate new ideas from diverse sources. Cultural diversity, interdisciplinary connections, technology, reading and writing, adaptive art, character education through art and assessment are additional issues integrated and/or accommodated in art education curriculum.

    Art Courses Offered:
    • Advanced Placement 2-D & 3-D Art
    • Advanced Placement Art History
    • Ceramics I & II 
    • Visual Arts I, II, III
    • Photography I & II
    • Jewelry I, & II
Last Modified on August 21, 2018