• LonghornsBeta Club
    Club Sponsor:
     Mr. Daryl Moses (Room 6008)
    Club Overview: 
    The National Beta Club is a student-centered organization that is committed to recognizing and promoting high academic achievement, encouraging service to others, and developing character and leadership skills.
    (Taken from the National Beta Club website) 


    The Next Beta Club meeting will be Thursday December 7 at 7:45am in the Auditorium. We will discuss State Convention, Holiday Service, and comittee opportunities. Be there!


    Here is the link for the Slideshow for November's meeting. Sorry about the technical difficulties. 



     Here is info about State Convention

    State BETA Club Conference Meeting


    • January 24-26, 2018 at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
    • Theme: “Georgia on my mind”
    • Cost: $220
      • - includes registration fee, transportation, 2 shirts, and hotel
      • - food and souvenirs are up to you
      • - mypaymentplus
    • Competitions: 
    1. Academics: agriculture, language arts, math, science, social studies, and Spanish
    2. Advertising Design (2-4 students)
    3. Banner (art)
    4. Beta Build (one team of 3-5 students)
    5. Character Skit (one team of 3 or more students)
    6. Creative Writing (one student per division)
    7. Onsite Art: Acrylic painting, colored pencil drawing, and pencil drawing
    8. Poetry (one student per division)
    9. Quiz Bowl (one team of four students)
    10. Robotics Showcase (one team of 4-8 members)
    11. Show Choir (at least 12 members)
    12. Speech (one student per division)
    13. Spotlight on Service
    14. Talent
      1. Group talent (one group of 5 or more members)
      2. Special talent (one group of 4 or fewer members)
    15. Technology
    16. Visual Arts: photography, digital art, painting, fiber arts, woodworking, mixed media, drawing, sculpture, recyclable art, watercolor, hand-made jewelry
    17. Scholarship Competition (4 seniors only)
    • Kara’s Campaign committee and Campaign Skit
    • Hours


    Homecoming Pomp 2017! 

    Good Job!





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