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    *Transfer students from out of state must have official documentation of former gifted program eligibility before they will be automatically referred to the Gifted Evaluation Team. State of Georgia gifted eligibility rules do not allow for reciprocity of gifted eligibility from out of state or private school programs.  Students transferring from out of state, private school and home school programs will require updated testing in order to determine gifted program eligibility.  
    CogAT and Iowa testing for gifted eligibility will only occur within the windows below:
     Who    Grades  Testing Window
     Elementary and Middle School   1-8

    September 2018 - October 2018

     Elementary and Middle School  2-8

    February 2019

     Elementary  K-1

    March 2019

    What tests will my child take for determination of gifted eligibility? 
    FCS administers state approved tests for gifted eligibility. The tests administered adhere to the State of Georgia Board of Education Policy, 160-4-2-.38, having been reviewed for bias and are normed on a nationally representative sample with respect to race, religion, national origin, sex, disabilities, and economic background within a 10-year period prior to administration. In accordance with Professional Standards Commission Educator Code of Ethics assessment regulations, test security will be maintained among all levels of test administration. Test security measures include that other than the name of the evaluation instrument, further information will not be shared about gifted eligibility assessments with regard to form, section, or level.  
    Georgia DOE Gifted Website (including GA BOE Gifted Education Rule)
    For more information on Forsyth County Schools' Gifted Education Program, contact Joe Cappadonia, District Gifted Education Coordinator, 770.887.2461 ext. 202254.