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    Forsyth County Schools (FCS) Special Education Department is responsible for locating, identifying, and evaluating any children with known or suspected disabilities who reside within the school district’s boundaries in order to provide free appropriate Special Education services.


    When should a child be referred?

    A child should be referred when:

    • A health or medical disorder interferes with development and/or learning
    • The child seems to have difficulty with hearing or vision
    • The child appears to have social, emotional or behavioral difficulties that interfere with his/her ability to learn
    • The child appears to have difficulty understanding directions compared to others of the same age
    • The child’s speech is not understandable to family or friends
    • The child appears to have motor impairments that affect their educational progression


    How can children be referred?

    Children can be referred through a pediatrician, a childcare facility, directly from parent, etc. The registration process must be initiated and completed by the child’s parent or guardian.  A comprehensive developmental evaluation will be scheduled that will consist of assessment in the areas of Cognition, Motor skills, Social skills, Adaptive skills, and Communication skills.

    FCS also offers a free monthly screening on the first Friday of the month.  This information can be found here.  This is a great option to help determine a need for further evaluation and/or intervention.

    What is Special Education?

    Special Education is instruction designed to meet the unique learning strengths and needs of individual students with disabilities from ages three through twenty-one. A child must be evaluated and identified as having a disability to be eligible for Special education and/or related services. Disability categories include:

    • Speech/language Impairment
    • Specific Learning Disability
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Intellectual Disabilities
    • Significant Developmental Delay
    • Emotional/Behavioral Disorder
    • Visual Impairment
    • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    • Deaf/Blind
    • Orthopedic Impairment
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Other Health Impairment


    If my child qualifies for services, where are the services offered?

    • In your child’s current preschool or day care center
    • In your child’s zoned elementary school (speech, occupational or physical therapy)
    • In your home
    • In a classroom housed within FCS

    Where can I get more information?

    Contact:  Mardy Hendon, Preschool Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 770-887-2461 ext 310100

    Email: MHendon@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    Contact:  Kristi Quinn, Preschool Coordinator

    Phone:  770-887-2461, 310138

    Email: Kquinn@forsyth.k12.ga.us