Important Student Information
    1. Students are strongly encouraged to take balanced, but rigorous courses all 4 years to be competitive for college admissions.
    2. Students are responsible for ensuring remaining required courses and any failed required courses are on their schedule in order to graduate with their cohort.
    3. Check with your desired college to make sure you will have admission requirements.
    4. All course requirements must be met to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    5. For the HOPE scholarship, students must meet academic rigor requirements and the HOPE GPA minimum (3.0 Core GPA for HOPE and a 3.7 for Zell). The academic Rigor Course List can be found here.
    *Note*The HOPE GPA is not the same as the cumulative GPA listed on the NFHS Transcript.


    Academic Assistance:

    1. Raider Time -

    Raider Time is new this year and will be held every day from 10:11 am to 11:51 am. Students are able to visit different teachers to receive additional help in a class.  

    2. Tutoring List -

    This is a list of different tutors (which include businesses, private agencies, as well as individuals) throughout the Cumming, Alpharetta, and Fulton area. The tutor information on this list is provided only as a service to our community. Our school does not endorse any particular tutor; especially since they will all be charging different fees and providing different services. Furthermore, please be advised that NFHS is not familiar with all the individuals and private companies on this list. At the bottom of the link, we have provided a list of questions to use to help you select the best possible tutorial assistance for your child. Click here for the Tutor List.

    3. Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is a free tool online that can help with a variety of subjects; AP courses, SAT test prep, and all the basic courses your student needs to graduate. Many students have found this resource to be extremely helpful in math and science courses as there are supplemental lessons and practice questions. Click here to access Khan Academy.


    Helpful FCS Links:

    Internship Forsyth (Formerly Work-Based Learning):

    Mentorship Forsyth:

    Track Volunteer Hours:


    Additional Resources:

    Study Skills and Note Taking:

    Time Management and Scheduling:

    Goal Setting:

    Test Taking:

    Test Anxiety:

Last Modified on October 23, 2023