Raider P.A.L.S.S. - Positive Association Linking Special Students

  • Sponsored by Robin Bryant and Amy Leggett

    Do like being a Special Olympic buddy?  If so, we have the club for YOU!
    The purpose of our club is to nurture and cultivate meaningful relationships between special needs high school population and general students by providing opportunities for students to be integrated into the general population.
    You could be a special buddy all year long instead of only twice a year at Special Olympic events.
    The club will meet once a month after school for a social activity for you and your special pal!
    Please pick up an application outside Mrs. Legget’s classroom –Room 520. Join Raider PALSS today!
    Being a Raider PALSS member automatically guarantees you will move to the top of the list for consideration as a Special Olympic buddy for the entire school year!  What a great benefit!