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    10th Grade Status Meeting


    Please join the Denmark High School Counselors for 10th Grade Status meetings in January and February. These meetings will cover college search/applications, financial aid, HOPE/Zell scholarships, graduation checks, and transcripts. We will start in a group presentation and break-out into small groups for questions and answers. They will be held in the DHS Café at times based on alpha-from last names. A Spanish translator will be available for the 10:00am session on February 6th. We strongly encourage all parents/guardians of 10th grade students to attend! 


    Schedule below:

    Jan 23rd  Burnell

                    9:00am A-B

                    10:00am C-DAV

    Jan 28th  Spurlock

                    9:00am DAW-GO

                    10:00am GR-JAD

    Jan 30th  Hollis

                    9:00am JAE- LA

                    10:00am LE-MOR

    Feb 5th   Farnum

                    9:00am SCH-TAN

                    10:00am TAU-Z

    Feb 6th Giraldo’s Caseload

                    9:00 am MOS-PI

                    10:00am PO-SA + Spanish Speakers


    If you have any questions, please contact your counselor at Denmark High School.



    DE night  



    HS 101


    Are you a parent or guardian of an underclassmen and wondering what you can do to help your student be successful in high school? We would love for you to join us on Tuesday, August 27th at 6pm in the theater. Below are the topics we will be covering:

    • Bell schedule and tutorials
    • Credits & Grade reporting
    • Credit weighting
    • GPA (cumulative vs. core)
    • Graduation requirements
    • What types of courses your student has access to in high school
    • Testing- SAT/ACT/PSAT
    • Hope and Zell Miller Scholarships
    • Extra help opportunities
    • Alternative schooling options


    Presentation can be found HERE

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