• Frequently Asked Questions: Spring 2022



    • When does the portal open for registration? 

    The portal opens on February 15 @ 8:00 am and closes February 23 @ 4:00 pm.  


    • How do I add course requests for my student on the portal?

    Detailed instructions can be found here


    • What are the course choices for my rising 9th grader?

    A list of course options can be found here


    • What are the high school graduation requirements? 

    Students need to earn the following credits in order to meet high school graduation requirements:

        • 4 Literature credits
        • 4 Math credits
        • 4 Science credits
        • 3 Social Studies credits
        • Personal Fitness/Health
        • 3 Career Tech/Fine Arts/World Language credits (or any combination of three courses in these areas)
        • 4 additional electives
          • Total credits: Minimum of 23 Carnegie units 


    • What is the waiver and why would I need to use it? 

    The Waiver is a Google form that is posted on the WFHS website that can be completed in the event that a student/parent does not agree with a teacher recommendation for an academic course. PLEASE NOTE: If your student’s waiver is approved, they WILL NOT be removed from this course at a later date. The waiver period is from February 15-23. 


    • What is mock scheduling? 

    Mock Scheduling is a time when your student will compose an example schedule that can be used to help with selecting their electives when the portal opens. The WFHS Counseling Department will walk your student thru this process on their designated MS visitation day. We will be visiting middle schools in February. (Liberty 2/2, Hendrix 2/9, and Vickery 2/10)


    • What/when is Parent Walk-In Day? Will I be able to meet with my student’s counselor? 

    Parent Walk-In Day is scheduled for Friday February 14 and will take place from 9 am to 2 pm at WFHS. This is a time when parents can walk-in and meet with a WFHS counselor to ask questions about the registration process. No need to make an appointment! PLEASE NOTE: Parents will see the first available counselor, which may not be their student’s assigned counselor. Additionally, the counselors will not have access to your student's course selections at that time, so please bring printed copies if you have specific questions.


    • When will my student get their high school schedule? 

    The portal will be open for your review on March 29 through April 1 @ 4:00 pm for you to view selections. The schedule will be available to print at Wolverine Day or Freshman Orientation, which usually occur in the few days prior to school starting. Schedules will not be finalized until the end of the summer. 


    • Who should I contact with questions about my student’s schedule prior to the 2022-2023 school year starting? 

    Students and parents should defer to their child’s MIDDLE SCHOOL COUNSELOR with questions about their 2022-2023 schedule until the 2021-2022 school year has ended.

    Click here to see a list of counselors at VCMS, click here to see a list of counselors at LMS and click here  to see a list of counselors at HMS.  


    • My student needs to have X class in the morning with Y teacher because it is better for his/her learning. How can I make that happen? 

    Unfortunately, due to the number of students we serve and class sizes, we are unable to accommodate these types of requests. 


    • Will there be an opportunity to change my student’s schedule after the 2022-2023 school year starts? 

    Changes to a student's schedule will only be permitted during a VERY SHORT few day window at the beginning of the year. Please make every effort to complete the waiver form during the specified time period to make any changes. The only reasons a schedule can change once the school year begins is:

    • The student is wishing to INCREASE their level of rigor.
    • The student has NOT taken the pre-requisite required for a class in their schedule.
    • The student has already passed/earned credit for a class in their schedule.
    • The student is a senior and needs another course to graduate or to qualify for HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship (rigor course) 


    • My student does not feel comfortable taking Personal Fitness in the classroom setting. Is there another way to meet this requirement? 

    Students can take Personal Fitness through Forsyth Virtual School, which is an online platform. They can take this course over the summer ($240 per .5 credit) at the cost of the parent or it can be taken as part of their 7 period day during the school year at no cost to families. During their Forsyth Virtual class period, the student would report to the library to work on the class. Students are not required to be on campus for Virtual classes that are scheduled for 1st or 7th periods. More information will be released later in February.  


    • How many AP classes can my rising 9th grader take? 

    The only available AP option for 9th graders is AP Human Geography, which is considered an academic elective. This is NOT A REQUIRED COURSE.




Last Modified on February 9, 2022