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    If you failed a course that is not listed, please ask your counselor for additional information about Mountain Education Charter High School.

    For more information, visit the Moutain Education Charter School website HERE and registration packet HERE


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    Summer  Registration is now open  and will run through   Friday May, 26.   The following link has important information for FVA Summer 2023:  click here. Taking online courses through Forsyth Virtual Academy is a great way to utilize the summer  break! Doing so can open up your schedule for other courses down the line while also allowing you to get ahead.  The courses are created and taught by our fantastic Forsyth County teachers, so you can feel confident about the quality of instruction, the level of service you will receive, and the ease of communication and access to your teachers.


    2023  FVA Summer  School Dates

    Summer  School runs for  6 weeks. Courses start on  Wednesday, May 31 and end on Wednesday, July 12.

    * FVA  Summer  Courses are offered to rising 9-12 th  graders ONLY. This includes current 8 th  graders that will be attending High School next year. 


    For students that are rising 4th-9th graders, we do offer a non-credit STEAM Camp as well.


    2023  FVA Summer  School Course Offerings

    Course, Credit (units), Cost, Notes 

    Geometry A, .5, $247.50, bridge course, students must have Algebra I credit on transcript

    Personal Fitness, 0.5, $247.50, graduation requirement

    Health, 0.5, $247.50, graduation requirement

    American Government, 0.5, $247.50, graduation requirement

    Personal Finance and Economics, 0.5, $247.50, graduation requirement

    Spanish III, 1.0, $495.00, rigor course

    Introduction to Healthcare Science, 1.0, $495.00, elective pathway

    Visual Arts I, 1.0, $520, elective pathway (includes required art kit)


    * NEW*

    Spanish II, 1.0, $495.00

    Introduction to Software Technology, 1.0, $495, elective pathway

    Forensic Science, 1.0, $495.00, rigor course

    STEAM Camp, non-credit bearing camp available to rising 4th-9 th graders, $ 199 (includes circuit playground kit)


    Payment  Information Payment processing will be through Student Portal and transactions will incur a flat processing fee of $7.50.


    Required Materials

    You will need a computer and reliable internet access. You will need a way to record videos (webcam, phone, etc.) For Personal Fitness, you will need to have a simple fitness tracker that can track steps (pedometer, Fit Bit, smartphone/ device, etc.)


    Thank you for choosing Forsyth Virtual Academy! Please don't hesitate to email me with questions or concerns!

    Drew Hayes, Principal, Forsyth Virtual Academy






    Summer 2023 GAVS Course Registration opens on March 1 at noon.  The last date to register for summer classes is June 8th.  Summer GAVS course requests must be made by completing the following steps:


    1. Students will complete this form with all necessary information: https://forms.office.com/r/m6LV7eQEbS


    1. Student creates an account on the GAVS platform: https://gavs.geniussis.com/
      1. Student requests the course(s) they would like to take.  This should only be completed after you have submitted the request through the form in STEP 1.


  • Forsyth County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or gender in employment decisions or educational programs and activities.