• The AP Chinese Exam is offered to students of Forsyth County and not to students outside of the district.

    UPDATE Starting in the 2022-23 school year, AP Chinese will be offered yearly for Forsyth County students and a single district location.

    • The school hosting Forsyth County home school students will offer the AP Chinese exam each year. This location will rotate to one of the eight district high schools each successive year.


    For 2023-24 school year, Denmark High School will be hosting the AP Chinese exam.

      • Students will register for their AP Chinese exam through Denmark High School's registration site.
        • Students will need to use Denmark HS Total Registration site and
        • Get the appropriate "Exam Only"  join code from East High School.
        • Lambert students should register for all other AP Exams through Lambert High Schools Registration site.
      • Continue to check Denmark High School's  website under Academics--> Advanced Studies for more information regarding their registration process and AP Chinese. (https://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/dhs)



Last Modified on October 16, 2023