• Career Development


    American School Counselors Association

    National Standards for School Counseling Programs


    Standards in this area guide the school counselors to implement strategies and activities to support and enable the student to develop a positive attitude toward work and to develop the necessary skills to make a successful transition from school to the world of work and from job to job across the life/career span. 


    Standards in this area also help students understand the relationship between success in school and future success in the world of work.  The career development standards reflect the recommendations of the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS, 1991) and the content of the National Career Development Guidelines of the National Occupational Information Coordination Committee (NOICC, 1989).


    The school counseling program enables all students to achieve success in school and to develop into contributing members of our society.


    Standard A:  Students will acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.


    Standard B:  Students will employ strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction.


    Standard C:  Students will understand the relationship among personal qualities, education and training, and the world of work.