• Helping Your Student Through School Transitions

    Parents are the most valuable resource their students have. Parent participation in their children's education impacts not only the quality of their young lives but their career goals and successes, too. Research shows that students learn and perform better when their parents encourage and support learning, demonstrate interest in their students' activities and reinforce the idea that school is important.

    The life of a child in school is filled with transitions. Linda Wacyk, author on EduGuide, explains that at all stages of development and in all school transitions, parents can help their children by using the three T's: time, talk and trial runs.

    • Time: Prepare students long in advance of any new events.

    • Talk: Sometimes the child talks and the parent listens; sometimes the parents talk. Talk about what to expect and how your child might feel. Tell your child that you are confident in his/her abilities even in tough situations.

    • Trial runs: Whenever possible, visit new places in advance to make the new seem familiar. Attend school orientations and open houses, tour the school, meet other students and their parents.


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