• What is a high school counselor?

    Our high school counselors provide a comprehensive program that includes classroom guidance, individual student planning and responsive services to meet the developmental needs of the students.  Counselors help the students identify their interests and abilities and help them develop goals that will lead to academic and post-secondary success. 
    High school counselors deliver guidance lessons in classrooms and large groups and collaborate with teachers to integrate guidance and academic curricula in classrooms.  Students learn how to develop four-year plans, research career opportunities, find scholarship information, apply to post-secondary institutions and interpret standardized test results. 
    These counselors conduct transition programs and activities for students as they enter and leave high school and provide orientation for students who transfer into the schools.  Counselors also meet with students in small groups in response to the students' identified needs. 
    High school counselors play a significant role in the lives of their students as they provide insight and direction for their students while they move through their high school years