• Senior Year

    12th Grade:  Planning for the Future


    Prepare for Graduation.

    • Set goals, both academic and personal, that you want to accomplish this year.

    • Schedule a meeting for your parent(s) and yourself to meet with your advisor/counselor to make sure you are earning your credits to meet all graduation requirements. Submit your completed and signed Senior Letter to your counselor.

    • Enroll in rigorous courses, both academic core and electives, that will help you reach your goals. Select AP, IB or Dual Enrollment courses in your areas of strength and interest.

    • Use good study habits.

    • Build positive relationships with your teachers. They want to help you. Ask them!

    • Earn good grades so that you maintain eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship/Grant.

    • Participate in extracurricular activities.


    Get ready for college.

    • Create a list of your post-secondary options.
    • Review admissions and placement testing information online:  ACT and ASSET, ASVAB, SAT.
    • Review catalogs, applications for admission, and information about financial aid.
    • Visit college and/or technical college campuses to determine what type of school suits you best.


    Prepare for college, technical college or specialized career training.

    • Continue researching college and technical college costs.

    • Write a resume that includes your academic record, extracurricular activities, leadership experiences and work history.

    • Consider apprenticeship or co-op options.

    • Ask teachers, counselors, advisors, coaches or others to write letters of recommendation for you. Plan ahead so they can meet your deadlines!

    • Ask your parents or others to help you practice job interviews.

    • Keep your GAfutures account current. Regularly post your accomplishments and update your plans.

    • Continuously update your resume, including your academic record, extracurricular activities, leadership experiences and work history.

    • Apply to colleges, technical colleges and/or specialized career training programs. Meet all deadlines for admissions and scholarships.  Keep/save dated copies of all forms you submit.


    Plan for post-secondary finances.

    • Investigate scholarship opportunities. Find scholarships that match your achievements, skills and interests. Check in the counseling office and/or do an online search.

    • Learn about college costs and financial aid. Use financial aid
       to estimate your family's share of the costs.