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    The Forsyth County Schools Technology and Information Services department is integrated of three areas of speciality:  Technology Services, Instructional Technology, and Information Systems.

    Technology Services

    FCS Technology Services plans, implements, and supports all of the school and district’s technology initiatives and infrastructure. This team supports firewalls, servers, access points, laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, innovative technologies, and more.

    Educational Technology and Media

    Each school is assigned instructional technology support, including an Educational Technology Coach (ETC) and a Media Specialist.  Both have experience using a wide variety of software and hardware as a classroom teacher preparing and conducting technology-related professional learning classes. This team is innovative as they integrate technology to enhance the day-to-day classroom educational process. Both members of the team are leaders in the building and in the district. The school-based Educational Technology Team serves as the conduit for planning, communicating, and achieving district initiatives and often serve as a member of the school’s leadership team. The ETC and Media Specialist are involved in selecting the school-based staff, initial training, ongoing professional development, and evaluation.

    Information Systems

    Information Systems maintains the implementation and maintenance of information systems to support the data and information needs of the school system; adhering to all state and federal confidentiality and reporting requirements, including the application of legal retention requirements and document disposal.


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