• 2020-21 Back-to-School Supply Lists

    * It is highly recommended that ALL students have a set of basic headphones or ear buds that they keep at school for using in school computer labs.  Using one's own headphones ensures that students have working headphones when they need them, and are far more sanitary than sharing headphones.  It is NOT necessary to purchase expensive headphones - headphones can be purchased for $5 or less in many stores. 
    If you are able, we strongly recommend supplying your student with their own device (BYOT) to limit sharing this year.

    We will be utilizing a block schedule model, in which students will attend fewer classes each day:

    RED Days - 2nd, Patriot Time, 4th, & 6th

    BLUE Days - 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th

    We are recommending supplying your students with a RED Day binder and a BLUE Day binder, in order to cut down on locker visits. Each teacher may also have some subject-specific supplies, but we are working to limit those.

    Please ensure your student is equipped with general supplies (i.e. writing utensils and paper) everyday to limit sharing.