• Yearbook 
    Adviser:  Mrs. Lydia Smoot
    The Lambert Corral is created entirely by our student staff.
    Volume I: 2010 "Hooked"
    Volume II: 2011 "Feels Like Home"
    Volume III: 2012 "What Matters Most"
    Volume IV: 2013 "Red Runs Deep"
    Volume V: 2014 "And Then Some"
    Volume VI: 2015 "Captured" 
    Volume VII: 2016 "Branded"
    Volume VIII: 2017 "On Record" 
    Volume IX: 2018 "The Point"
    Volume X: 2019 "Our Place, Our Time, Our Story"
    Volume XI: 2020 "We'll Show You Crazy"
    Volume XII: 2021 "You Can't Stop Us"
    Volume XIII: 2022 "We'll Take It from Here"
    Volume XIV: 2023 "This is [Y]OUR Moment"
    Volume XV: 2024 "This Isn't the End, It's Just the Beginning"

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