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4th Straight Year! Highest & Only 5 Star Financial Rating in Metro-ATL

For the fourth straight year, Forsyth County Schools has earned the highest financial efficiency rating from the Georgia Department of Education. The 5-out-of-5 Star Rating is the highest and only 5 Star among Metro-Atlanta districts and large districts in Georgia.  

“We deeply value the trust our stakeholders have in us to educate the children of Forsyth County,” shard FCS Superintendent Jeff Bearden. “Their financial investment is not only for today, but for the future. Our staff members work diligently to meet the needs of every child.”

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According to the Georgia Department of Education, the Financial Efficiency Star Rating provides a measure of a district’s per-pupil spending in relation to the academic achievements of its students. Specifically, the rating is based on a three-year average of per-pupil spending, which is then associated with the district’s CCRPI score. Each district receives a rating ranging from one half-star to five stars; a five-star district can be described as having strong academic outcomes and lower levels of expenditures in comparison with other districts. 

State law requires that the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, in coordination with the Georgia Department of Education, create a financial efficiency rating. The rating must be based upon five stars. 

This is the fourth release of Financial Efficiency Star Ratings for districts, and the first release for individual schools. 34 schools received a 3 or above, including 10 schools that received 5 Stars, 11 that received 4.5 Stars and 7 that received 4 Stars. Please note that Title I schools are limited in their financial star ratings due to receiving additional funding that affects their per-pupil expenditure.