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Congratulations to our 2019 Education Foundation Grant Winners!



The Forsyth County Education Foundation funded over $60,000 worth of grant requests for 2019! The Foundation is an opportunity for the community to partner with Forsyth County Schools to support innovative teaching and increased student achievement. 

2019 grants were funded by the Duck Dive for Education fundraiser. Unfortunately, 24 grants ranging from $400 to $5,000 were not funded. Review the requests here.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these grants, or if you or your business would like to become a general contributor to the Foundation, visit and select Donate Now. Forsyth County Schools employees that make a minimum $5 monthly payroll deduction receive a #foundationfriYAY shirt! 

Congratulations to the following 2019 grant winners:


Virtual Reality Mindfulness and Meditation @ACE- Gateway


The goal of the Virtual Reality Mindfulness and Meditation project is to extend on the research-based mindfulness course being utilized at Gateway. We want to use virtual reality to enhance these mindfulness practices and to help students be immersed in meditation apps when they need time to breathe and create their artistic content when they want to express themselves and make a ‘go-to’ safe space. This project will allow students to use the headsets during class when they need to be immersed in a relaxing environment. Students can also create their environments using a 3-D painting tool to allow students access to art activities.


First LEGO League Competition Teams @Big Creek Elementary


This grant will be used to fully fund and run a FIRST LEGO League competition team. The program will not only allow our students to learn about robotics by participating in research, problem-solving, coding and engineering but to also learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, confidence, and professionalism. The students will explore new skills and ideas and use creativity and persistence to solve problems. They will apply what they learn to improve our world and learn to respect others and embrace differences.


Positive Behavior Interventions and Support @Chattahoochee Elementary School


Positive Behavior Interventions Support (PBIS) helps support the social emotional education of the students. PBIS is an evidence-based framework that reduces disciplinary incidents, increases a school’s sense of safety and supports improved academic outcomes. The basic premise of PBIS is that continual teaching, combined with acknowledgment or feedback of positive behavior will reduce unnecessary discipline. Students receive tickets when they meet behavior expectations and can trade the tickets for “Champ Cash” and buy things in the PBIS store.


Respectful Reading @Chestatee Elementary School


This project is designed to promote students reading books from the American Battle of the Books reading list. This program will highlight a range of reading opportunities, many of which feature stories of children facing challenges and navigating difficult decisions. These books will give students an understanding and improved respect for those who may be different than themselves. Students can discuss the stories at the Battle of the Books Club. Respectful reading aligns with the Positive Behavior and Interventions Supports program and focuses on increasing the level of respect amongst the students.


Mountain Movers: Building a Love of Reading through Personalize Partnerships and Student Agency @Coal Mountain Elementary


Last year a new reading program was implemented at Coal Mountain that expected children to read at home for a minimum of thirty minutes a night. There are children who are not practicing at home and children who lack the initial skills to do so, both of which need interventions. These students not only need something to read, but someone to read to them or support their reading. The upper-level elementary student volunteers will be paired with lower elementary based on shared passions and interests. Students need more access to more appropriate leveled texts that appeal to their interests. This program will allow students to experience personalized learning opportunities in the form of social and emotional learning, passions and interests, and student choice.


Second Step @Cumming Elementary


Second Step is a researched-based program which explicitly teaches essential social skills to be successful in and out of school. The program systematically teaches children how to make friends, manage their emotions, solve problems, and deal with peer pressure. Kits are designed specifically for each grade level to ensure the content is relevant and appropriate for all ages. The goal is to provide every homeroom teacher with kits, so they have the necessary resources to impact all the students at Cumming Elementary.


Sensory Pathway @Daves Creek Elementary


The goal of this project is to purchase and install a sensory pathway in our school building. A sensory pathway is an interactive walkway that provides students with the opportunity to get sensory input and helps refocus a student who may otherwise be off task, overwhelmed or overstimulated. The pathway requires students to speed up and slow down their movements to help rebalance their sensory input and refocus their brains for learning. The pathway proves a structured outlet to help students who need movement and balance as part of their daily routine. It also has academic skills such as counting and the alphabet to continue to connect the physical outlet with an academic focus.


FCHS THRIVE Science @Forsyth Central High School


THRIVE is a pathway for at-risk students that allows for adjusted class sizes and stronger relationships with school faculty to provide students with a greater opportunity for success. The goal is to provide more wet labs and kinesthetic opportunities for domains of Classification and Phylogeny, Ecology and the Theory of Evolution. The labs are geared towards helping engage these students by taking learning off a worksheet, Chromebook or dry erase board and enabling them interaction, investigation, and communication with their peers.


Growing Readers @Haw Creek Elementary School


The project is designed to instill a joy of reading so that students choose to read for their pleasure. Students who choose to read for their pleasure improve their reading skills at a faster rate and are more likely to become lifelong readers. The goal is that all students in grades kindergarten through fifth are reading at or above grade level. The goal will be achieved by providing students with easy access to high-interest materials to promote reader engagement and encourage students to read for pleasure.


JCE Seeds of Science Project @Johns Creek Elementary School


This project will engage students in plant-based life science while fostering student interest in life science. Johns Creek is dedicated to cultivating a love of science through real-life tactile exploration and experimentation. This project will provide students with the opportunity for a month-long hands-on science experience with live plants in their classroom using indoor vertical gardens. The cafeteria will also house a “We Are Connected” garden to grow herbs and spices from the many diverse cultures represented in the student population. The primary goal is student engagement in scientific practices, the secondary goal is to cultivate the culture of collaborative planning of the staff.


Health and Wellness Track @Kelly Mill Elementary School


Students at all levels will create interchangeable “Did You Know?” questions about healthy eating, exercise, how to be environmentally friendly and academic content. These will be used to stimulate conversations and increase student and adult knowledge on a variety of topics. The goal is that all in the Kelly Mill Elementary Community can address their own physical and mental health goals by having access to the Health and Wellness Track. The project aims to increase a literacy-rich learning environment and empower staff and students to recognize and address social emotional learning needs.


Lakeside Sources of Strength @Lakeside Middle School


Sources of Strength is a strength-based comprehensive wellness program that focuses on suicide prevention and also impacts additional social issues including bullying, harassment, violence and substance abuse. There are eight protective factors in Sources of Strength: family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality, medical access, and mental health. This project aims to increase positive culture change and positive social norms in schools and communities. The goal of the project is to implement Sources of Strength at Lakeside through the step-by-step process that includes staff and peer leader training and completing at least three sources of strength core campaigns during the 2019-2020 school year.


Sailing on the SEL Boat @Matt Elementary


The project will have three main areas of focuses: grand-families, building strong boys, and mindfulness. “Grand-families” are families who have students that have grandparents that act as the parental role and live with them. There will be two groups facilitated by the guidance counselors and school social workers: a group for the children living with the grandparents and a group for the grandparents of these students.  Resources will be provided to help build relationships and provide skills to navigate the challenging circumstances. Area two will focus on building strong boys. The goal is to provide support for young boys who are struggling because there is no significant positive male role model involved in their lives. They will have a place to belong and connect, develop a positive identity and a chance to learn to be strong, respectful gentlemen. Area three will focus on mindfulness. These students will develop inner resources and learn ways to find a sense of well-being.  The students will meet in small groups throughout the day and practice mindfulness techniques and relaxation.


Midway Innovation Station @Midway Elementary


Midway Elementary will create an innovation station inside the media center. The media center will become not only a place to check out books and promote literacy, but also as a hub for engagement, creativity, and problem-solving. This project will encourage curiosity and collaboration through hands-on experiences. Students in Kindergarten through second grade will use the station as a weekly “specials” class, and students third through fifth grade will be able to utilize the area for small groups. The Innovation Station will be a place for students to explore their passions and interests in a personalized environment.


Raider Time @North Forsyth High School


North Forsyth High School is integrating an innovative, flexible class period that is dedicated time of daily student support embedded within the regular school day. This new project provides each student with 156 minutes of intentional time each week for additional academic support, collaborative time to connect with peers, and deliberate time to prove better balance to our students and staff.  “The Hub” is a space where students have access to collaborative tools and resources such as conference tables, presentation boards, college and career presentations, wellness-focused sessions and more. The goal is to make ‘The Hub’ the center of the school’s culture. North has implemented a comprehensive wellness program for the current school year to allow students to begin establishing a balance of physical, mental and emotional wellness to achieve at high standards and prioritize their well-being.


Literacy Challenge Grant ELEVATES Learning @Otwell Middle School


Elevate software is a reading intervention for grades 4-12 and adult education. The program uses age-appropriate instruction to help older students attack the holes in their foundational reading skills. The software activities help students build decoding, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency and comprehension skills. Each participant competes with their challenge partner to complete the six-book digital software in one year. This program will enhance phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and Lexile “literacy library” comprehension reads.


Sawnee Valley Literacy Walk @Sawnee Elementary School


This project will create a walking trail on the campus that incorporates academic stands, social-emotional wellness, interpersonal skills, and physical activities. The Literacy Walk will provide an authentic learning experience for students pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The walk will be composed of ten permanent stations that have several pages of text, accompanied by related activities and discussion prompts. The combination of companionship and physical activity promotes the health and well being of both the reader and the listener. The project strengthens the academic, emotional, social and physical aspects of learning for students.


Design Thinking with 3D Printer @Shiloh Point Elementary School

$4, 992

The purpose of this project is to use the Design Thinking process with students as a platform to engage in authentic learning. The students will be taught the Design Thinking process and will create an item to address a problem or dilemma. Students will utilize creative and critical thinking skills to find solutions to real-world problems in the school and use innovated techniques to address them. They will have hands-on experience with technology applicable to many potential future careers. Creating these tangible pieces empowers these students and shows them they can influence the world they live in.


Sensory Enhancements to our Galactic Garden and Nature Trail @Silver City Elementary School


The goal of the project is to develop and construct a sensory path in the current garden space as well as add sensory components to the nature trail. This allows for multiple interactive activities for students to utilize outdoor spaces to engage in science lessons. This will be a space for students to practice content, engage in a sensory or brain break, and experience age-appropriate interactions with the vertically-aligned Pathways. One added benefit of the project is the opportunity for different curriculum areas and Pathways to collaborate and work together for students to design, construct and install the components in the path in the garden and nature trail. Students will fully engage in their learning, get outside and explore while learning and discovering through their senses. The space also provides a quiet, relaxing space for special needs students and provide hands-on engagement. It provides a space to relax, unwind and enjoy a brain-break, which is essential to student’s social-emotional well-being.