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Upcoming Code Red Lockdown Drill

In Forsyth County Schools, the safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance and we work together to plan,  prepare, and practice for known and unknown events that may occur. On January 25th Chattahoochee will be facilitating a practice Code Red lock down drill. A Code Red signal is only sounded in the event of a high level threat to the safety of our campus and every student and staff is on secure lock down.  


We will be talking with students about the Code Red Drill the week before and the day of the drill to be sure students are aware of the importance of practice and preparation and to remind them that this is not a real Code Red. After the drill we will let students, staff, and parents know how the drill went.  As always, we appreciate your support of Chattahoochee Elementary and the Forsyth County School System, together we are better. 


Chattahoochee school nurse, Louisa Holcomb, created this recording that explains all school codes: medical code, code yellow, and code red. The students know Ms. Holcomb and know her job is to keep them safe. Listen to the recording here: