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Using Classlink

ClassLink can be accessed here.



ClassLink is a single sign-on portal that provides students and teachers with access to applications, such as itslearning, used on a daily basis. By integrating applications into a single access point, students and teachers no longer have to remember multiple usernames and password to access district and school purchased applications.


The district piloted ClassLink with a number of students and teachers throughout the month of August, and has expanded the portal to all schools.

The link at the top right of each school’s website has changed from itslearning to ClassLink. When students login from home, he or she will be taken to the ClassLink dashboard instead of the itslearning dashboard. itslearning, along with many other applications, are accessible from the ClassLink dashboard. Parents, who do not have ClassLink accounts, will still be able to click on the link titled “Take me to the Parent Login screen” and login using their parent accounts.

In addition, ClassLink also provides students with access to their personal Home drive on the school network to access the files they create at school anywhere they have access to an internet connection.


To take a short tour of ClassLink visit