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Attention Parents & Guardians of all 2019-20 FCS Elementary School Student Bus Riders

Attention Parents & Guardians of all 2019-20 FCS Elementary School Student Bus Riders,

The FCS Transportation Department is currently working on routing for next school year.   In order to better serve our families who rely on safe & timely school bus transportation every day, we are implementing a student bus rider verification process for the 2019-20 school year.    The verification process is designed to be quick, simple, and help ensure that we have all students assigned correctly to buses & bus routes on the first day of school.   

Please use either the web link or QR Code below to verify your child's 2019-20 bus rider status, (Current K-4th Grades can use the QR Code or the web page, but 5th Grade Students must use the web page and verify using the Middle School link) .  To access the QR Code, simply activate your camera app on your phone and aim it at the black box and the link banner will pop up at the top of your screen (you don't have to snap the picture). Each child must be verified separately using their individual student ID Number, so the process will need to be repeated for each of your children if you have more than one. In addition, if your child is currently in 5th grade, you will need to use the Middle School link on the web page, do not use this Elementary QR Code.

For Elementary School (K-5) Bus Riders:    FCS Transportation will issue each individual elementary school parent/guardian a Student Afternoon Bus Release Pass in cases where the student is only to be released off the bus to an authorized person (adult, older sibling, babysitter, etc.).    This Afternoon Bus Release Pass will function much like an elementary school car rider line number.  The parent/guardian will manage the Pass and share it with those trusted responsible parties who will be receiving their child at the afternoon bus stop.   This Pass will be provided to parents/guardians in a digital format and can be printed, saved on a phone, etc.    Those responsible for receiving elementary students at the afternoon bus stop will be required to have the pass and show it to our bus driver so the driver can be sure the student is being released safely to the correct person.     Providing either a hard copy or showing a digital version of the Pass on a phone /device will be accepted.   

In mid- July, parents/guardians who have verified their 2019-20 school bus information will be sent their child's bus stop information, including location, pick-up time, and Student Release Pass.  Please be sure to submit your email address when completing the verification link, so you can receive your stop information and pass this summer.    

If you need further assistance, please contact the Transportation Office at 770-888-1234 and a member of the support team will assist you.

FCS Transportation appreciates your help and wish you and your child a happy a safe summer break.

--Forsyth County Schools Transportation Department


QR Code for current K-4th Grade Students

Web Page Link: FCS Student Bus Rider Verification

All 5th Grade Students must use the Web Page.