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itslearning Important Message

                       Important Message

  • 3/17/20 Message from itlearning:

Due to the unprecedented global move to online learning, we are experiencing user volumes that are several times greater than we have experienced before.  Our operations team has been working around the clock since last week to adapt and expand our technology stack so that we can serve all of our customers around the world and ensure that Itslearning is available in this time of great need.


At present we are experiencing peak demand in Europe as it is mid-afternoon there. This is leading to some delays and sluggishness, and in some cases, unavailability of the platform. We are already beginning to see U.S. users coming online and this is compounding the challenge globally.


We expect the European demand to begin dropping in the next hour or two, and by 10AM ET performance of the platform for U.S. customers will be restored to normal or near-normal levels. However, between now and 10AM ET, we expect the majority of Forsyth County users to encounter sluggish performance or be directed to the following landing page:


We ask for your understanding and cooperation in messaging to your user base that for the best experience, they should plan their Itslearning-related activities to occur after 10AM this morning.


We continue to monitor platform performance and if the global demand and platform performance are favorable before 10AM, we will alert you and you can give your constituents the “all clear”. Thank you for your collaboration as we navigate these new and uncertain times.