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Important Message - EOY Retrieval of belongings at VCMS

Dear VCMS Families,

We just received word from Dr. Bearden that we will be allowed to begin having students back into the schools on a staggered basis beginning May 18, 2020.  During this time students will be allowed to return to school and retrieve personal belongings and return school owned resources.  Because we still must adhere to the social distancing guidelines and keep the safety of all entering our building at the forefront of our planning, we are only allowing a maximum of 50 students in the building at a given time.  In order to accommodate over 1200 students, we have designated times for students to arrive.  A 30-minute window has been established for each student from May 18 - May 21 by student last name.  Please see the alphabetical list of specific times designated and assigned to students/families below.


Only the student is allowed back into the building at their given time. Please be sure to take your temperature before arriving to school and if fever free, proceed to the school.  STUDENTS MUST WEAR A MASK OR FACE COVERING WHEN ENTERING VCMS.  STUDENTS NOT WEARING A MASK OR A FACE COVERING WILL NOT BE PERMITTTED IN THE BUILDING.  It is recommended that students also wear gloves, but that is not a requirement like the mask/face covering.  Parents must remain outside (this is the only way we can guarantee limited number of guests in the building at a given time).  Please park in the bus lanes between VCMS and VCE, there will be a line with social distancing markings for safety.  While in line maintain a 6-foot minimum social distance from other non-household guests.  The line will lead to the gym entrance where there will be a sign-in table only permitting the students whose last names are listed at their designated times.  Medication retrieval will be given in this location as parents are the only ones permitted to sign that they have received medication left at school.  Students must enter through the gym entrance and once students come out others will be allowed in.  Students in the building must exit by the end of their designated time.  This is NOT a time to socialize. 


Students must:

  1. Retrieve personal belongings from lockers
  2. Return any items to their teachers or media center
  3. Pickup Yearbook (if purchased)
  4. Exit quickly to ensure other guests’ time frames are not infringed upon
  5. Return to family vehicle

During this time, stations will be setup inside for students to return borrowed technology (unless still needed) and receive purchased yearbooks (in the gym).  Again, students will be the only visitors permitted in these areas.  It is suggested that when students are in the building during their 30-minute window, parents return to their vehicles and DO NOT congregate or socialize. 


We understand that there may be some families who will be unable to come to VCMS at their designated times.  If this is the case, homeroom teachers will bag any belongings from lockers and label them with locker numbers and any other identifiable information.  For those unable to visit VCMS during their designated times, VCMS will open a window of time for students on May 22 and May 26 from 10:00am to 2:00pm to retrieve personal items bagged in the cafeteria, pick-up yearbooks, turn in technology, and for PARENTS to pick-up medication.  This will be done at the front entrance to VCMS.  Keep in mind that this time will be open for all; therefore, visitors may experience long lines (patience and social distancing will be the key to success).  Again, social distancing while waiting in line must be practiced.  If any of the designated times for students to retrieve or return items does not work for your family, additional times will be established in the future.  All personal bagged items will remain in the cafeteria until such additional times can be determined. 


May 18

10:00-10:30       Last Name: Abbott-Arango

10:30-11:00       Last Name: Arellano-Baxter

11:00-11:30       Last Name: Bayer-Bosker

11:30-12:00       Last Name: Boudiab-Call

12:00-12:30       Last Name: Campbell-Chun

12:30-1:00          Last Name: Ciccia-Craig

1:00-1:30            Last Name: Craven-Densmore

1:30-2:00            Last Name: Denton-Einarson


May 19

10:00-10:30       Last Name: Elson-Fontan

10:30-10:00       Last Name: Ford-Gatz

11:00-11:30       Last Name: Gaude-Gulati

11:30-12:00       Last Name: Guthrie-Hicks

12:00-12:30       Last Name: Hieber-Hurlbut

12:30-1:00          Last Name: Hylton-Kancharia

1:00-1:30            Last Name: Kang-Kokotoff

1:30-2:00            Last Name: Kolancinski-Lesperance


May 20

10:00-10:30       Last Name: Lewick-Mannthey

10:30-11:00       Last Name: Mantovani-Meglaughlin

11:00-11:30       Last Name: Mehta-Moskau

11:30-12:00       Last Name: Mote-Neel

12:00-12:30       Last Name: Nelson-Paramatmuni

12:30-1:00          Last Name: Park-Pindi

1:00-1:30            Last Name: Piraquive-Rajesh

1:30-2:00            Last Name: Ramirez-Roesch


May 21

10:00-10:30       Last Name: Rogers-Scholl

10:30-11:00       Last Name: Schonacher-Skoglind

11:00-11:30       Last Name: Slaton-Stevens

11:30-12:00       Last Name: Stevenson-Thomas

12:00-12:30       Last Name: Thompson-Venkatesh

12:30-1:00          Last Name: Viela-Willis

1:00-1:30            Last Name: Willoughby-Young

1:30-2:00            Last Name: Zeiter-Zylstra


Scott L. Feldkamp


Vickery Creek Middle School