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FCHS Educational Setting Commitment Form for Semester 2


In an effort to prepare for next semester, all Forsyth Central High School families must complete this survey indicating your student’s educational setting for Semester 2.

The only changes that we will be able to make for second semester are for a move to either a FULLY VIRTUAL or a FULLY FACE TO FACE educational setting for the entirety of the student's schedule.

Students who are currently HYBRID may maintain the settings of each of their individual courses; HOWEVER, there is no option for changing the setting of an individual class. No NEW HYBRID schedules can be accommodated.

Due to staffing and building constraints, it is important that parents and students understand some educational setting change requests may not be possible.

Finally, students maintaining their current educational setting are not guaranteed to retain the exact same schedule for the second semester - including the possibility that the period and/or teacher are subject to change.


By not completing the commitment form, you are indicating that you understand that your student’s educational setting will remain the same although there may be changes to individual teachers and/or periods.

Please note, the ability to view Semester 2 schedules is closed while we work to process changes and reallocate staff to serve our families. Information about Semester 2 schedule release will be shared with families closer to January 2021.


If you have multiple children at Forsyth Central High School, please complete the commitment form for each child. 


FCHS Semester 2 Educational Setting Commitment Form

The commitment form deadline is ******Monday, November 2nd at 4:00 PM******.


Thank you.