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Registration Information for 2021-22 GAVS Courses

Listed below are the steps that students will need to complete as part of the GAVS course registration process for the 21-22 school year.  Be sure to go ahead and register for ALL the GAVS courses you will be taking next school year, both Fall and Spring semester.  All steps MUST be completed before a student can be enrolled.  The registration deadline will be July 6th. 


  1. Student completes internal GAVS application. Once the application is completed by the student there is an automated process that secures parental approval. Here is the link:  

Video instructions:

2. Student also creates an account on the GAVS platform and requests the course.

3.  Parent receives notification from the online application and approves. Again, the online         application automates this process.

Once these steps have been completed, the counselor will then approve or deny.  If approved by the counselor, the GAVS facilitator will approve as well.

If students have any questions during this process, please email