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Student Parking Application for 2019-2020

Student Parking 2019 – 2020

Parking Permit Applications for 2019-2020 School Year will be open for rising Seniors and rising Juniors from Monday, April 22nd until Friday, May 24th. Completion of the application does not guarantee a parking permit. Permits will be issued in the Cafeteria at Dawg Days on July 22nd, 2019.  You MUST have a printed receipt of payment from My Payments Plus and a valid Georgia Driver’s License with you at Dawg Days in order to receive you parking permit. Please review the application for payment and permit pick-up details.

  • The Parking Application for 2019-2020 will be completed online. The person completing the application MUST BE logged into a GOOGLE account (students are provided a Google Account by Forsyth County Schools).


  • Seniors who apply and have paid by May 24th are assigned parking first.


    • Juniors who apply and have paid will be assigned after Seniors are accounted for.  Juniors are not guaranteed a parking spot.
    • BEFORE completing the application, we recommend collecting all necessary information/documentation. You will need:
      • Car Tag Number
      • CURRENT Class C or D Driver's License (no permits)
      • CURRENT Automobile Insurance Card (NOT EXPIRED)
      • CURRENT Vehicle Registration (NOT EXPIRED)
    • Parking Fee is $125 paid on by card or check
    • If you need to create a account, please click on this link for instructions.
    • For payment questions please email Kacey Martin or Chase Wilbanks


  • Link to application - REMEMBER that you must be signed in to a google account - ONLINE APPLICATION


  • Please contact Kacey Martin or Chase Wilbanks with additional questions.
  • Seniors and Juniors who get a spot are required to show their valid Georgia Driver's License and receipt from My Payments Plus to receive their decal at Dawg Days.
  • If you are a rising Senior or rising Junior and will obtain your license over the summer, go ahead and fill out the application and pay.  You will be required to show a valid class “C” or “D” license before receiving a parking permit.

Parking is a privilege and students are not guaranteed a spot. Parking location is assigned based on the operational logistics of the school’s schedule. Extracurricular activities, grade level, and designations such as IE2, Work Based Learning, Honors Mentorship, and out of district DO NOT guarantee preferential parking.