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Out of District Process for Redistricting Students

Out of District Process for Redistricting Students

Informational Sheet

2021 - 2022

The request for a student to attend an Out of District (OOD) school will open on December 1st and close on January 18th.  Please see the information below that highlights the reasons that a student may be granted an OOD request.


High School:

  • Rising 12th graders who have been redistricted will remain at their current school for the 2021-22 school year by completing an OOD form (East Forsyth HS will open with grades 9 – 11).
  • Students who have completed two years of the same CTAE Career Pathway that will not be offered at their districted school and need the third and final class to receive recognized industry certification may stay at their existing school by completing an OOD form. (see NFHS pathways/courses that apply below)
  • North Forsyth HS, West Forsyth HS, and Forsyth Central HS students who are currently a Varsity Letter contributor on the Varsity Football Team at these schools will be allowed to remain at their current school as East Forsyth HS will not open with a Varsity Football Team in the 2021-22 school year.
  • Child of a Forsyth County Employee can apply for OOD.


Siblings of Redistricted Students:

  • Siblings of redistricted high school students who apply for an OOD for one of these reasons listed above may apply for OOD to attend the same high school. If approved, these students would remain at the approved high school until graduation as long as they remain in good standing.


OOD Process:

  • The OOD process will open on December 1st and close on January 18th. Parents with approved OOD requests must provide their own transportation. Seniors who were redistricted to East Forsyth HS, and do not have a choice but to remain at their current school may request bus transportation if needed.



North Forsyth HS CTAE Pathways/Courses not being offered at East Forsyth HS:

               Pathway                                                                                                       3rd Course

Animation and Digital Media Pathway                                              Advanced Animation, Game, & Application Design

Environmental Agriculture Systems Pathway                                  Sustainable Agriculture               

Food and Nutrition Pathway                                                             Food Science

Sports Medicine Pathway                                                                 Sports Medicine

Internet of Things Pathway                                                             Embedded Computing

JROTC                                                                                               MCJROTC Leadership Education III/IV

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Pathway                             Advanced Sports & Entertainment Marketing          

Web Development Pathway                                                           Web Development         




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