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Car Rider Line Drop Off and Pick Up Safety

Raider Families,

In keeping with a Safe, Thriving, and Connected NFHS, I need your HELP with Car Rider Line Drop Off and Pick Up in both the morning and afternoon. (see Map Graphic below)Please follow the traffic pattern set to keep the Car Rider Line moving, organized and especially SAFE!

There have been a few close calls lately in both of the tier lots (yellow on map). There is too much car and foot traffic with staff, students, visitors, and substitutes that park in those lots. Safety is being compromised with additional Drop Off/Pick Up vehicles. I know it seems easier and quicker to pull into those lots to drop off or pick up students, but I would ask that you avoid doing so as it's just not SAFE. We have considered gates and cones, to help block off those areas, but the configuration of the lots and traffic patterns don't allow for that to be possible. We will reassign a staff member to monitor those areas when available to make sure cars utilize the Car Rider Lanes. Please be patient and cooperative with the instructions of the staff member assigned there as they work to keep kids safe. 

Ultimately, we need to rely on our great parents and families to stay consistent in maintaining the integrity of following the prescribed Car Rider Line Traffic pattern on a consistent daily basis. This is important for the safety of our students, staff, and visitors!


Bob Carnaroli