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Underclass Final Exam Schedule (9th-11th Grades)


If your student has an "A" in the course, he/she will receive an exemption letter from their teacher prior to their final exam.  All exam exemption letters must be signed and returned to their teacher.

Students with signed exemption letters will be marked exempt (EX) for that exam class period during the final exam.

Students exempt from the first final exam of each day must report to second exam location at 11:25 AM. It’s very important to be on time.

Students exempt from the second exam will be released at 9:55 provided they have a ride home. Students do not need to sign in/sign out with the attendance office on the three early release days.

Buses will run at 12:55 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 22nd - 24th.


Once your student has entered a classroom that final exams are being held they aren’t allowed to check out until that class period has ended. Your student may finish their exam early but we need to be courteous to those students who don’t, by not interrupting class.

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