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German Students Excel at National German Exam!

Not even a pandemic can stop our kids performing at the highest national level! 36 of our students (levels 2 and higher) took the National German Exam in January. 28 of them won an award! This year’s exam compared student scores from more than 8,000 participants nationwide. Students could earn gold medals (for scores in the 99th-90th percentile), silver medals (89th-80th percentile), bronze medals (79th-70th percentile), and achievement awards (69th-50th percentile).

(For more information, visit Our students earned 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 5 bronze medals, and 10 achievement awards. Gold medal winners have a chance to compete for a scholarship that would allow them to spend four weeks at a German immersion summer camp in Minnesota (


Here are our award winners:



Siena Brennan

Shruti Kapoor (highest score in Georgia!)

Elise Kopp (second-highest score in Georgia!)

Regina Mondibrown

Zuzanna Perak

Amelia Pettersson

Jocelyn Somerson

Katherine Yang



Laila de Jong

Matthew Gaybba

Benjamin Isakbayev

Tarita Jakobs

Austin Pasley



Seowon Kang

Sydney Kunz

Branden Ring

Martin Svobodkov

Alexander Van Alstyne



Rebecca Bohn

Jon Cheatham

Lauren Henggeler

Benjamin Ibrisimovic

Taylor James

Liam MacNaughton

Euan Maley

Mary Nix

Christopher Owens

Olivia Philpot