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Student Schedule Information


Our staff has worked extremely hard this summer to ensure every student at South has a schedule whether they are taking classes face-to-face or through virtual learning. Student course schedules will be available through Campus Portal beginning on Friday, July 21st at 9:00 am.


Any course(s) your student is taking face-to-face at South will be displayed in their schedule on Campus Portal. Any course(s) that are being taken through Forsyth Virtual or Georgia Virtual School will show up as "FVA" or "GAVS" in your student's schedule. All students registered in at least one course through Forsyth Virtual will be able to view those courses in Campus Portal once FVA (Forsyth Virtual Academy) releases their schedules.  All students taking Georgia Virtual courses should log in to their Georgia Virtual School account to view course dates and information.


Students' lunch periods are listed on their schedule with their 4th period teacher on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and with their 5th period teacher on Tuesday and Thursday.



If there is an error on your schedule or you have a period listed as "See Counselor", we ask that you fill out the Schedule Change Request Form that will be open for requests starting July 21st at 9:00 am. CLICK HERE- Schedule Change Request Form. Please complete this form and DO NOT email your individual counselor or administrator with schedule change requests.  As always, we will do our best to honor all schedule change requests.  However, we cannot guarantee every schedule change request will be able to be made.  We will not change schedules to accommodate teacher or lunch preferences.  Schedule change requests might not all be completed by the first day of school so please continue to check Campus Portal for schedule updates and follow your course schedule listed.  If your schedule change request is denied, a counselor will email both the parent and student using the email address provided on the form.  The deadline for schedule change requests will be August 4th at 4:00 pm.



If you are taking a Dual Enrollment course, it is imperative you provide your counselor with a copy of your college schedule immediately. Students who have not provided a Fall Dual Enrollment schedule to their counselor prior to the first day of school will be scheduled in South classes. We will do our best to schedule your Dual Enrollment and South courses without any conflicts.  Please note SFHS courses and availability will take priority as our focus is meeting state graduation requirements.



If you are scheduled in an IE2 period, please note you MUST leave campus during the scheduled period.  You cannot stay in the building unattended in common areas.  We will remove IE2 if you are unable to arrange transportation to leave daily.  You must also complete the IE2 Contract for 2023-2024 school year if you have not already done so.  If you do not complete this form by August 4th at 4:00 pm, IE2 will be removed from your schedule, and you will be scheduled in face-to-face classes.



As a reminder the deadline to request courses through Forsyth Virtual and Georgia Virtual School ended on July 13th.  For students who are registered part-time through FVA or GAVS, please fill out the Virtual Transition Permission Form which will be available starting July 21st at 9:00 am for submissions. Students who are registered in a virtual class may transition off-campus during those virtual periods if the courses are scheduled at the beginning or end of their school day and the parent/guardian has submitted a completed Virtual Transition Permission Form. This is our preference as it supports the virtual learning option and flexibility associated. Any student who does remain on campus for their virtual class period will need to report to the East Hall Learning Center for their virtual period and will be rostered in attendance.



Colleges will send official transcripts of summer Dual Enrollment classes to be posted to your high school transcript.  If you failed a Dual Enrollment class, please let your counselor know immediately. If you did not take a summer dual enrollment class that you previously discussed with your counselor that is a required credit for graduation, please complete the schedule request form.  For any summer virtual course, both FVA and GAVS facilitators have communicated with students about accepting credit.  Please follow the instructions provided and you do not need to contact your counselor.  If you failed a summer virtual course, please complete a schedule change request to have that course added to your schedule.



We will be following a 7-period schedule on the first two days of school. Prior to the first day of school, we recommend checking Campus Portal again to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of your schedule. We will continue balancing course sections that may alter the order of your scheduled courses.


We are excited to serve families this year and welcome SOFO Nation back to the building on Thursday, August 3rd!


Rebecca Hewitt, Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction

Courtney Knox, Lead Counselor