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SFHS School Nutrition Information

As we approach the end of school, the School Nutrition meal accounting system will not allow negative meal charges to student accounts after May 1, 2018.  Students without funds will be offered a courtesy meal of sandwich and milk. 
Please check account balances to determine the funds needed for meals for the remainder of this school year.  To ensure your child can continue to enjoy school meals or to clear your student’s account of any negative balances, please send a payment (cash or check) to the school, or, to make a payment online.
Remember to note your child’s Student ID on your check or to include it with cash in an envelope.  We accept Free and Reduced Applications each school day.
Options for account balances:  Money on customer accounts will automatically carry forward to the assigned school for the new academic year.  However, funds on student accounts may be donated to help other students (often elementary) afford a school meal, transferred to a sibling’s account or refunded via a check.  For the Donation/Transfer/Refund procedure: go to