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VEX Robotics Qualifies for State Tournament

On November 3rd,  our VEX Robotics Teams competed at West Forsyth.  We had 4 teams competing: 1961A, 1961U, 1961X and 1961Z.

 1961U and 1961X (defending State Champions) finished in first place and qualified for the State VEX Tournament in February.

 1961Z finished as runner up with team 7268A (future War Eagles) and qualified for State as well.

 All three of these teams finished in the top four of the robot skills competition.


1961U is:  Sophia Tran, Sydney Baker, Camden Mercado, Anirudh Arunkumar


1961X is:  Duke Baek, Michael Nguyen, Harish Suryadevara, Avaneesh Naren


1961Z is:  Nithin Bhogaraju, Avi Dube, Nikhil Upadhaya, Pranav Manivannan, Ayush Pulse, and Ayush Gundawar