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SFHS German Students Take State Awards By Storm

The seniors' leadership was matched by the underclassmen's exuberance, and the outcome was as follows: 1st place overall (for the third time in the past four years). 39 individual and group awards. More importantly, all students conducted themselves in the classy manner we expected them to.

To top things off, Ayonica Bhattacharya won the AATG-Georgia Student of the Year award and will spend three weeks in the summer studying in Germany. We have now received this award for an unprecedented third year in a row.

Allison Kunz won the Langenscheidt Award (Student of the Year runner-up).

And last but not least, Samantha Baker, a recent South Forsyth grad, won the College Student of the Year Award.

Here is more information about those awards: The students will receive their official awards at the AATG Award Ceremony at Georgia Tech in May (exact date and time TBD). I hope some of you can attend.

Here is the list of participating students:

Alex van Alstyne
Elena Benatti
Dylan Brennan
Ayonica Bhattacharya
Ronit Das
Roshni Harita
Lauren Henggeler
Emily Hicks
Katelyn Houston
Tarita Jakobs
Lauren James
Taylor James
Sophie Kang
Shruti Kapoor
Emily Kohnen
Elise Kopp
Allison Kunz
Sydney Kunz
Maggie Lonsway
Serena Madsen
Euan Maley
Jacob Nichols
Calvin Nix
Robbie Paltz
Lisa Pan
Zuzanna Perak
Amelia Pettersson
Winston Rothaermel
Karley Solorzano
Jocelyn Somerson
Jessica Ughulu
Kelsey Watson
Jacob Zorko