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German Students Excel on National Exam!

Eighty-five of our German students (levels 2 and higher) took the National German Exam in January. Fifty-two of them won an award! The exam compares student scores from more than 25,000 participants nationwide and awards gold medals for scores in the 99th-90th percentile, silver medals (89th-80th percentile), bronze medals (79th-70th percentile), and achievement awards (69th-50th percentile).


Our students earned 16 gold medals, 8 silver medals, 7 bronze medals, and 21 achievement awards. Gold and silver medal winners will be honored at the AATG Georgia Award Ceremony at Georgia Tech in May (the same ceremony where Ayonica Bhattacharya will receive the German Student of the Year Award and Allison Kunz the Langenscheidt Award).


Here are our winners:


16 Gold:

Elena Benatti

Dylan Brennan

J.T. Cavalenes

Laila De Jong

Taylor Fries (highest level 3 score in Georgia!)

Lauren Henggeler

Lauren James

Allison Kunz

Maggie Lonsway

Euan Maley

Jacob Nichols

Calvin Nix

Lisa Pan

Amelia Pettersson

Jocelyn Somerson

Daniel Watson


8 Silver:

Ayonica Bhattacharya

Taylor James

Declan Liming

Davin Morin

Winston Rothaermel

Mary Claire Toms

Kelsey Watson

Jacob Zorko


7 Bronze:

Mikayla Davidson

Sebastian Elisan

Michael Luetschwager

Adithya Ramanujam

Tommy Phan

Christopher Wilusz

Olivia Zeitlin


21 Achievement:

Svarali Ahire

Mahika Ala

Joshua Allen

Chan Balk

Olivia Bock

Seth Brand

Harry Burnett

Jade Christman

Ronit Das

Maxwell Johnson

Emily Kohnen

Rebecca Kohnen

Annabelle Mohwish

Kenna Palmer

Robbie Paltz

Krishna Poroori

Taylor Sobczak

Anna Toms

Jessica Ughulu

Talaal Tahir

Claire West