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SFHS crowned FOCO World Language Expo Winning School!!

Congratulations to the SFHS World Language department for being crowned FOCO World Language Expo Champions!!

Students participated in 3x3x3 skit, role play, dramatic interpretation of a famous person, cultural discourse, and famous artist replication. 


A HUGE thank you to all the WL teachers who encouraged and prepared their students for the competition.  


South Forsyth High School was crowned the award winning school for 2019 and below please find the list of award winning students. 


Jeet Arora - 1st place - Spanish 3- dramatic interpretation 

Ayonica Bhattacharya 1st place German 4/AP/IB - cultural discourse - 1st place - German AP/IB  - dramatic interpretation, 1st place German 4/AP/IB - role play   

Ayonica Bhattacharya, Allison Kunz, Lisa Pan - 1st place -  German AP/IB - 3x3x3 skit 

Emily Hicks - 1st place - French 2 role play,  1st place AP/IB Spanish role play, 1st place German 1 role play 

Shruti Kapoor - 1st place- German 1 - cultural discourse , 2nd place - German 1 - role play

Emily Kohnen, Amelia Petterson, Jocelyn Somerson - 1st place German 3 - 3x3x3 skit 

Ariana Murray - 1st place  AP/IB Spanish - Dramatic Interpretation 

Medha Mediratta - 3rd place - German 1 - role play

Amelia Petterson - 2nd place - German 3 - role play 

Winston Rothaermel - 2nd place - German 4/AP/IB - cultural discourse, 2nd place  German 4/AP/IB - role play 

Jocelyn Somerson - 1st place - German 3 - cultural discourse, 1st place German 3 - role play 


Congratulations to all!



Congratulations to all!