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German Student perform well on National German Exam!

Last month, SFHS Level 1 German students participated in the National German Exam (NGE) and 35 of them won an award! That is the MOST awards for our Level 1 classes to date!  The exam compares student scores of close to 6000 participants currently enrolled in Level 1 German nationwide and awards gold medals for scores in the 99th-90th percentile, silver medals (89th-80th percentile), bronze medals (79th-70th percentile), and achievement awards (69th-50th percentile).


Our students earned 8 gold medals, 9 silver medals, 7 bronze medals, and 11 achievement awards.  We will recognize these students at our annual Abschlussfeier (End -of -the Year Party) on May 23 at 6 p.m. at Fowler Park.


Here are our winners:


8 Gold (Top 10% in the country):

Tarita Jacobs  (99% percentile)

Emily Hicks

Samuel Davidson

Karley Solorzano

Elise Kopp

Daria Weber

Morgan Reimann

Alex Van Alstyne


9 Silver (Top 20% in the country):

Ben Isakbayev

Martin Svobodkov

Zuzanna Perak

Kartik Prathapagiri

Medha Mediratta

Austin Pasley

Aaron Carreker

Ian Fries

Neal Rajesh


7 Bronze (Top 30% in the country):

Olivia Philpot

Zachary Querido

Mahir Tofik

Savannah Treu

Shruti Kapoor

Gina Mondibrown

Gabriella Conde Borres


11 Achievement (in the top 50% in the country):

Sophie Kang

Sydney Kunz

Whitman Shifflet

Colin Smithee

Liam Duyvelaar

Jace Alle

Arush Verma

Hannah Hall

Justin Connelly

Rishi Harita

Azaria Williams