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Kindergarten Readiness Resources


Name Writing 

Start names with a capital and the rest of the letters are lower case.  Letters should be formed starting from top to bottom.  

Fine Motor Exercises to Improve Skills for Handwriting

I Trace App


Letter Identification

Upper Case Letters

Lower Case Letters

25 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters at Home


Letter Sounds

 Alphardy – Letter Sounds -

Kindergarten Skills\Kindergarten Letters Letter Sounds


Number Recognition (1-20)



Naming shapes

Squares, triangles, circles, rectangles, cones, cubes, spheres, cylinders, hexagons


Concept of Print

Kindergarten Skills\Concepts of Print


Rote Counting Count to 100



Sight Words

Dolch Preprimer Word List

 PrePrimer PowerPoint


Other Resources:

Georgia ELA Standards for Kinder


Georgia Math Standards for Kinder



Kindergarten Skills\Reading tips - preschool