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PTSO Executive Board Member Positions

It’s that time of year again and we are excited to open up our PTSO Executive Board Member positions. As a Piney Grove PTSO Executive Board Member, you will be instrumental in helping to lead our school’s fundraising efforts and annual events in addition to being a liaison between our school’s administration and our parent community.


We are looking to fill a variety of roles for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Not sure if you have what it takes?


-Did you know that everyday skill sets like tracking household budgets to delegating family chores to cheerleading from the bleachers, can benefit our schools. Take a peek below and please reach out to with any inquires.




We want YOU to be our next PTSO co-president! We’re looking for a creative problem-solver who is comfortable delegating and who can help us focus on the agenda.  A sense of humor is a big plus. If you’re ready to play a substantial role in supporting our school, we want to hear from you!


Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the PTO:

-     Create the annual calendar 

-     Set the annual budget with the Treasurer and Secretary


Assist and attend large PTO events including but not limited to:

-     PTO General Membership Meetings

-     Grizzly Day

-     6,7,8 Field Day

-     Family Events

-     Cultural, Arts, and Athletic Ceremonies or Events


Monthly duties include:

-     Hold and preside over Executive Committee meetings (F2F or Virtually)

-     Send a PTSO representative to Local School Council meetings

-     Edit documents including Grizzly Gazette editions


Weekly duties include:

-     Speak with the principal

-     Work closely with the Treasurer and sign checks

-     Write the Co-President section of Grizzly Guide for all PTO communication

-     PGMS email blasts for Thrive or Parents




So you’d like to get more involved in our PTSO, but you’re not sure you’re ready to take the lead role? Vice President has your name written all over it! You’ll  learn behind-the-scenes intel and be part of decision making on important issues throughout the year. You’ll help the president get things done—kind of like a superhero’s sidekick, but without the silly costume.



We have big plans to raise money and fund important projects for our school, and we need someone who likes to count every penny to help us do it. If you secretly love to categorize expenses and create color-coded pie charts, you have what it takes to be our PTSO Treasurer. Bonus points if your spouse teases you about how often you log in to the personal finance app on your smartphone!!

-     Be responsible for generating and maintaining the PGMS budget.

-     Treasurer writes all checks for committee expenses, PTO fees etc.

-     Treasurer deposits all PTO income from open house, fundraising, rebates, book fairs etc.

-     Responsible for all financial reporting to the Executive Board (monthly or as requested).

-     Each month the Treasurer reconciles the bank account and prepares a monthly file for review by the Financial Secretary.

-     Responsible for filing the organization's taxes and for coordinating a yearly audit.


Be honest—you’re the one in your friend group who filled out every page in your child’s baby the right time, no less. If you’re the kind of person who documents everything, from your toddler’s first steps to how far you jogged yesterday, we have the perfect role for you. You’ll get to put your stellar recordkeeping skills and attention to detail to good use as our PTSO secretary. You must have good listening and computer skills—and extra credit if you can follow what’s on Instagram and play Candy Crush at the same time.

-     Record the minutes of all PTO meetings and read and distribute copies of minutes of the previous meeting for approval.

-     Checking the PTO mailbox weekly.


*It is also expected that members of the Executive Committee attend the monthly EC meetings, the three Board of Directors meetings, and the four evening PTO General Membership Meetings.EC members should also help volunteer for as many PTO functions as possible (Family Events, Field Day, etc)