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Schedule Issues Form & Course Request Viewing Window

The 2022-2023 Course Request Viewing Window opened today, Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 8am and will close on Friday, April 1, 2022 at 4pm

PLEASE NOTE: This IS NOT YOUR SCHEDULE and will NOT show teachers or periods- it is just a list of the COURSE REQUESTS! Instructions to view your course requests are available here.

At this time, the majority of application courses and accelerated content course requests that were received in student waivers have been processed. If you requested a waiver and do not see that course in your requests, the course was not added after being reviewed. Courses may not have been added for a variety of reasons including lack of prerequisite course completion and not meeting guidelines set by the department for those courses. All course waiver opportunities are complete at this time.

Next Steps:  We highly encourage you to review your course requests and PLEASE take a screenshot for future reference. Schedules, including class periods and teachers, will be released at the end of July 2022

Counselors are unable to access the platform during the viewing window. However, if you notice something incorrect with your schedule or if you see the message  "SCHD error SEE COUNSELOR" , you may request a change by completing this LHS Schedule Issues Form: .

Please ONLY complete the LHS Schedule Issues form if you have one of the schedule issues below:

  • Empty Course Period  (not due to IE2, FVA or GAVS)
  • You are OVER requested and have too many courses in your requests
  • Repeat Credit - Student has already passed the course
  • Missing Graduation Requirement (SENIORS Only)
  • Student is missing prerequisite for a course in their schedule

Students interested in participating in IE2 (shortened day/less than 7 courses) must complete this electronic contract to ensure that IE2 is added to your schedule:

Students interested in registering  for online courses through Forsyth Virtual (FVA) or Georgia Virtual (GAVS) for SUMMER 2022 or FALL/SPRING 2022-2023 can access the registration information at this webpage:

Please be aware that we encourage students to enroll in Forsyth Virtual classes prior to exploring a Georgia Virtual course. Forsyth Virtual is accessible through ItsLearning and will be taught by a Forsyth County teacher (which assists with direct communication). The final choice of platform is solely a student/family decision .