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Renting Lambert HS Facilities/Facilitron Rental Application

Lambert HS Facilities Renting Guidelines


  • Please check both the Lambert Master Calendar and the Lambert Facilitron Calendar when inquiring about available dates and making a reservation.
  • Please do not call the school during the school day regarding questions about renting facilities. If you have any questions about renting facilities at Lambert HS, please email an AP.
  • When making the reservation on Facilitron, be as complete as possible with as many details as you can provide about your event, including equipment needs, the start and end time, number of anticipated people, and details about the event.
  • Fees are set by Forsyth County Schools and are non-negotiable.
  • You must adhere to strict hard start and stop times. For example, if your reservation is from 10am-7pm, you can't come in an hour early at 9am to set-up, and you may not stay past 11pm.
  • Before any approved event, you will need to do a walk-through with the site supervisor so you are aware of the space, and you know where you can and can't be in the building.
  • Please see the additional guidelines/conditions regarding the rental/use of the Lambert Auditorium - Lambert HS Auditorium Guidelines.
  • Per the county scheduling guidelines, all facilities wanting to be reserved after July 15th will not be approved until July 15th as FCS solidify their schedules for the following year.